InstaTekkie Tools

We teach a two-day InstaTekkie (IT) Certification Course. The course provides hands on training for students to learn:

  • How to Create Business in a Social Media World
  • How To Shoot, Edit & Post Videos on the Internet
  • How to Create A Website/Blog for the Business for Free
  • How to Set Up & Maximize the Business Power of Facebook & Linkedin
  • How to Use Powerful Google Tools
  • How to Grow & Prosper in a Changing World

These Tools Were Created to Make Their Learning Fun & Easy

Developing Your ‘You Tube’ Account Profile and Channel

These powerpoint slides will show you how to create your own YouTube account and channel.  Using our “How To Click” for Success the process is a simple step by step approach which anyone can master. Just follow the red “Click Here” arrows on the slides.

Choosing A Flip Camera

It is not a question IF you should buy a Flip Camera.  The only question you should be asking is which one do I buy?!  We want to give you some good and useful information to help you make that decision easily.  Here you go! And the only hard part about it is deciding which one to buy!

Using The Flip Camera

You have to love technology!  Especially when it comes in such a neat, little, yet powerful, package like the Flip video camera!!  In this hand held device, you have everything you need to shoot a very cool video and we will show you how right here!

Using The Course Creators StoryBoard

Everything is easier when it is broken down into small manageable pieces.  If you are creating a video, this is an invaluable tool that will help you visualize the process, step by step!

Video Uploading Tips

We love giving you bits of information that will make a difference when you load your videos on You Tube, especially when it comes to search engine optimization.

Using You Tube Downloader

Free software that allows you to easily use You Tube videos in today’s multi-media world.  Check it out.

Using SnagIt

Get your message across, screen shot by screen shot.  Create and customize graphics, maps, powerpoints.  You name it.  You can create it!

Using Talk Fusion

Differentiate yourself in your emails by using videos and showcasing those videos in templates that are all about you!!

Using CamStudio

It is one thing to explain to someone how to do something.  It is a totally different result when you show them how to do it.  SnagIt allows you to create total movement, step by step tutorials.  So whatever you are teaching off of computer screens, capture it live with this gem of a program!

The Art Of Conversation

Don’t just say something to say it.  Say it to get a rise out of people, to compel them to respond, to open the lines of communication!  In the era of Web 2.0, it is the art of multi-way conversations!

LinkedIn In Plain English

Learn how to make the professional business site in social media work!  Plain and simple.

How To Use Zillow – A Course Creators Interview

Hear what the CEO and the Director of Broker Services have to say about Zillow, their support of Realtors and their advice on what Zillow is and isn’t!

How To Use Trulia – The Exclusive Interview

The Trulia Marketing Coordinator talks about what Trulia offers today’s real estate agents.

Using Alternative Listing Databases

Get a list of alternative listing databases including Craig’s List, Yahoo Real Estate, List Hub, Google Base, Trulia & Zillow. These are all sites where agents should consider posting listings in today’s internet world.

How To Set Up & Manage Google Alerts

Stay in the know by using Google Alerts to get instant notification when something you are following, watching or working on hits the internet!

How To Create A YouTube Channel

Once you have set up a YouTube account you can create your own YouTube Channel as a focal point for all of the videos that you “favorite” and create.

Using The Course Creators RSS Feed

Get the latest blog posts, calendar of events and updates.  Let Course Creators come to you.

Daily Management Plan For Social Media

There is a way to incorporate social media and still have a life.  Here are some tips and strategies for efficiently utilizing your time and effort to maximize your social media presence!

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