Tools For Agent Disclosure

We have been collecting tools to help you with your disclosure efforts. Many of these are items we reference or utilize in class and we wanted them to be right here at your fingertips for ease of use. They should help you improve the level of your disclosure and provide a wealth of information that you can share with your clients.

Get IT! Use IT! Become More Successful Because of IT!

The Arizona Buyers Advisory

If you are not using this tool as an agent you should be. It is the best tool that we know of to help you limit your liability and exposure to non-disclosure complaints and violations.

ADRE’s Consumer Disclosure Information

The Arizona Department of Real Estate has made it easy for you to meet your disclosure obligations. You can link to the ADRE Consumer Section or various aspects of it. You can also cut and paste from this source to create your own customized disclosures using the basic information that ADRE has provided.

Michelle Lind’s Book “Arizona Real Estate, A Professional’s Guide to Law & Practice

Hands down a book which should be in the hands of every Arizona real estate professional. An absolute wealth of information you need to know about lots of issues including disclosure.

New HUD-1 Form, New Good Faith Estimate, Buyers Booklet

These are the primary tools used in lending disclosure. These are the new PDF form downloads.

Home Buyers: Research Before Buying

This site contains links to information and sites so that buyers can efficiently investigate anything and everything that is important to them before the purchase of any property.

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