Tools For Instructors

May you utilize these tools to improve the professional and appearance of your instruction. We have found all of these things to be helpful to us and we trust that they will be items of value to you. We have found all of the things on this page to be useful to us in our presentations.

These tools can help you take your instruction to the next level. Enjoy them! Get IT! Use IT! Become More Successful Because of IT!

YouTube Downloader

YouTube Downloader is a FREE Program that allows you to download YouTube videos and convert them to Windows Media files that you can insert into your powerpoint presentations. Once downloaded you can use your Windows MovieMaker program to edit the YouTube videos and excerpt certain clips or audio.

The Flip Camera

The Flip Camera will probably become your next best friend. Hands down the easiest way to capture video for the classroom. Video outside interviews or material and then download it directly to your computer. They are affordable, flexible and reliable. We use ours everyday.

Copyright in a Social Media World

We get asked all of the time about copyright issues as students and clients use internet tools, particularly those relating to social media. Here is the inside scoop on what is allowable and what is not. Feel free to share it in your classrooms and lectures.

Recommended Reading List for Instructors

We read all of the time and constantly review the books we read. You can always come to our website and check out the “Book Bytes” category. Find out what we have been reading and what you might want to read too!

Visual Presentations for the Classroom

PowerPoint slides from our presentation at the DREI Summit 2010 in Chicago. The presentation focused on teaching aids under the Generally Accepted Principles of Education (GAPE) and highlighted some out of the box thinking on how we could spice up both our visual presentations and the visual material provided to students in class.

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