Course Creation

After all, it’s our name, Course Creators. We want you to be able to get your message and knowledge into a shareable format. We help and assist others in writing, developing and bringing their dreams to life so if you have an idea, a training need or course that you have just been dying to see come alive, then you have come to the right place.  Talk to us. We’ll help you make it work. We have worked with everyone from Fortune 500 companies to individuals.


Corporate Training

Memorable Training That Works

We can bring your corporate training alive! From orientation programs to the presentation of your employee manual we can help you create a training program so that your employees Get IT! Use IT! and Become More Successful Because of IT! Our team members excel at training programs for sales and marketing. The variety of formats is as endless as your imagination. We can create manuals, live presentation, on line training or video CD training products. What are your needs today?

Video Training Production

Let Them Learn At Their Pace in Their Way

We have mastered the art of putting training on video so that it is portable and flexible. We can include narration, music and even capture step by step technology training with screen captures that allows students to learn with our “HOW TO CLICKS” to success. Video is the new way of learning and we can even turn your topic into a marketable product. Using video CD’s Course Creators’ was the number #3 best selling author of the 2009 National Association of Realtors’ Conference & Expo.

Live Presentations

Creating Memorable & Lasting Training

We can help you craft live training programs. We will create the course manuals, powerpoint presentations and the marketing materials you need to deliver today’s programs. We can even instruct the courses, train your instructors or leave the delivery up to you. Our flexibility to provide exactly what you need in a custom crafted fashion has been our hallmark of success.

Certifications & Designations

Elevating the Level of Professionalism Across Industries

The culmination of expertise in almost every industry is the attainment of certification or designation. We write certification and designation programs. We are used to work with industry regulators and administrators if that is required for the course you have in mind. The final product could be live presentation, package video products or on line learning.  You get to design it.  We create it together!

On Line Programs

Putting Education & Training At Your Audiences’ Fingertips

Today online learning is commanding a front seat presence. We can help you take your courses and material and convert it to images and training for on line distribution and access. We’ll even help you understand how it can be turned into webinars and downloaded programs to increase your bottom line.

Industry Specific Products

Generic Learning Has Met It’s Match

Customization and personalized attention allow us to create sales, marketing and professional education courses that are specific to you and your needs. Our team members have great breadth and depth to be able to understand the training and courses you need and work with you to tailor and craft that education across a broad spectrum of industries and professions.

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