Course Creators Guidelines for Taking Zoom Continuing Education Classes

Guidelines for Taking Zoom Continuing Education Classes

Thank you for joining a Course Creators remote Continuing Education class via Zoom!  This is an ADRE approved CE class. A virtual class does not preclude you from being a professional and attentive student.

Please read the following guidelines BEFORE entering any CE class offered by Course Creators.  Please know that Course Creators strictly follows the guidelines set forth by ADRE as well as our classroom protocol.

It is your responsibility to read and follow the guidelines and by registering for this class, you accept these guidelines and agree to adhere to the them.

  1. If you have technical difficulties, please notify us at:  520-360-0280.  (Do not email us as we stop checking emails prior to class.) We will open the room approximately 20 minutes prior to the start of class.  If you feel you need help with video or audio, join early and we will be happy to help you get set up.
  2. If you continue to have technical difficulties within the first 10 minutes of class, you will be given the option to remain in the class to receive the valuable education but receive no CE credit or leave the class and reschedule for a later class, if offered.
  3. We highly recommend that you download the most current Zoom app on your computer prior to the start of class. This link will take you to a Tutorial that will help you with your Zoom Update
  4. The Login and password are not to be shared with anyone. No exceptions!
  5. Under no circumstances is any student allowed to have someone else log in as them.
  6. Since attendance will be verified, you will be required to enter your state license number in the Chat Box once you enter the Zoom Room. Have your license number available at the start of class.
  7. All attendees must have camera/video view on them at all times during the entire class, except for breaks. This will be closely monitored to ensure ADRE compliance. No exceptions!  No video/No CE
  8. No student is to be driving or riding as a passenger in a moving vehicle.
  9. Per ADRE, ‘No “only cell phone” attendance permitted.’ So be sure you are stationary in front of a computer.
  10. No virtual backgrounds.
  11. All attendees must be back from breaks at the assigned time and attendance will be taken after each break. Again, you must promptly be in full camera view. No exceptions!  No video/No CE!
  12. If you absolutely need to be off camera during class time, send a Direct Message Chat to the Course Creators’ monitor prior to leaving camera view. Your time away from the camera will be monitored so send a message to same upon return.
  13. Please be sure your device has a full charge and/or a charging cord. Staying in class for 3 hours might drain your battery.
  14. If you get disconnected, log back in as soon as possible through your original Zoom link. We will monitor the waiting room and let you back in.
  15. You are responsible for accessing course material, if any before, during or after class.
  16. Your course completion certificate will be emailed to you at the email address you used in registering for this class.
  17. Class objectives/description of this course can be found on our calendar at
  18. Course Creators, may at times, post screen shots of the class on our website and/or social media links.  If you do not want to be in any of those photos, just let us know and we will respect your privacy.

Thank you for following the above guidelines.

Theresa Barnabei, Inspirational  Educator

School Administrator #S09-0016


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