AZ Real Estate CE Courses


“Maximize the Power of Facebook in Your Business”
(3 Hours of Agency, 3 Hours of Commissioners’ Standards)

Do you have a facebook account and wonder what you should be doing with it? Did you know that there are over 400 million people there that you could be connecting with?  Do you know how to use it to grow your business?

A 6 hour hands on computer workshop to show you how to use the power of facebook in your business. “How To Clicks” will help you to set up a powerful business profile. Categorize your friends into database lists, set up a separate business page, create dialogues and posts that work. Full of practical “How To” tips. Bring your laptop and take your business to the next level.


Building Treasured Relationships That Work

“A Guide to the Legal Issues”
(3 Hours Legal Issues)

We can show you how to build treasured relationships with your clients and the settlement service providers that you work with everyday. We will teach you not only how to avoid the legal pitfalls of the rules and regulations, but also show you how you can interact effectively, stay in compliance and better serve your clients with the relationships that you create.

Get On Board – Trends in Real Estate

“Eye on the Future and Present of Real Estate”
(3 Hours General Credit)

Real estate is changing at lightning speed. Those who dominate will be those who are on top of all the current trends in real estate. Do you know how your customer’s mobility is going to affect your business? Have you learned the secrets behind QR codes and MobiTags? How are customers finding you and what do we all need to know about the future of our profession?

Treasured Properties And Their Owners

“Understanding the Vacation/Second Home and Investor Property Market”
(3 Hours General Credit)

Investors and second home buyers are coming back into the market. Do you know the characteristics of the homes that they are buying? Do you know the characteristics and demographics of both investors and vacation/second home buyers? Have you begun to take your fair share of this portion of the market? Do you know what is important to meeting and serving the needs of this market sector?

Agency Gems – Getting Clients to Know You

Like You & Trust You

“Communicating the Importance of Agency”
(3 Hours Agency)

Statistics don’t lie. NAR tells us that the vast majority of our clients hire a real estate professional on the simple issue of whether they know you, like you and trust you. The internet and technology have changed the ways that consumers judge us as professionals? Do you know how to effectively communicate the role you play and the services you provide to get real results?

Navigating Employment Contracts

“The Ultimate Listing and Buyer Representation Presentations”
(3 Hours Contract Law)

This ain’t yesterday’s employment discussions. What do you need to know to include in conversations today when conducting a listing presentation or a buyer representation presentation. If you never created one, or if your old one is stale and worn, come and gather great new ideas that appeal to the clients you are trying to serve in today’s world.

Mapping Out Disclosure

“A Practical Guide to Consistent and Accurate Disclosures”
(3 Hours Disclosure)

There is this rule and that rule. Don’t forget this. Be sure to tell them about that. Disclosure requirements are everyone throughout the transaction. If only there were a consistent and accurate map to guide us through everything we are suppose to do in terms of disclosure? Students that have taken this course already have theirs, do you?

Fair Housing – Treasured Generations

“A Guide to the Changing World of Real Estate”
(3 Hours Fair Housing)

Fair housing means more when we take it out of the law books and court cases and look at it through the eyes of real people. See, hear and feel how fair housing issues have impacted generations of Americans. This is a fair housing class seen through the eyes of real people in the real world.

A Guide to Safe Sailing Through

Commissioner’s Rules

“Snippets of Current Violations from ADRE”
(3 Hours Commissioners Standards)

So we read them all. All of the current ADRE violations for more than a year and we’ve summarized them for you. Do you know what the most common violation is? Do you know which one has increased the most over the past year? We don’t want you to become a statistic. Let us help you understand how to keep your name out of the ADRE Bulletin.

When They Say You Should Say

“Know How to Get the Conversation Right Every Time!”
(3 Hours Contract Law)

We all get hung up once in a while on the questions clients ask. Most of the answers are right in front of us in the standard AAR Purchase Contract. Imagine knowing exactly what to say to specific questions that get asked by clients every day. We’ll give you the scripts, dialogue and facts you need to get the conversation right every time. You will also learn things about the contract you probably never knew.

Slide9Disclosure In An Internet World

“Disclosure Explanations You Can Use & Share With Clients on the Internet”
(3 Hours Disclosure)

A real world disclosure class with tools you can use. Understand the wealth of information at the fingertips of real estate professionals and our clients and customers. We will show you how to increase your productivity and business by sharing disclosure information on the internet. We should all know how to create links and use the internet to disclosure information.

WIIFM Negotiations

“Get The Skills That TOP Negotiators Use”WIIFM Negotiating
(3 Hours Contract Law, 3 Hours General)

WIIFM (What’s In It For Me) Negotiations is a 6 hour negotiation workshop. You will discover a whole new model for negotiating. Know the top secrets of the best negotiators including different negotiating styles and techniques. Find out the key characteristics of top negotiators and the top mistakes that inexperienced negotiators make. We’ll show you how to use personality profiles and get to the “Why” underlying nearly every negotiation so that you can craft win win results. We will even put all of your new found skills to work in practical negotiation scenarios to test the results of your scripts for success.

Educating Your Clients With Video Transaction Guides

Slide4“A Cutting Edge Way to Guide Your Client Through a Transaction!”
(3 Hours Legal Issues)

Save time! No more repetitive explanations. Your clients are watching thousands of videos a month. Why aren’t they yours? Find out how you can explain various parts of the transaction to your clients using the magic of video. No expensive equipment or software to buy. The tools are at your fingertips. This is where our industry is going. This is your chance to get ahead of the curve and deliver state of the art service to your clients. Get command of your future in a class that will help you become more efficient.

Real Estate Investment Principles 101

Knowledgeable Investors Didn’t Get Hurt!”
(3 Hours General)

Now more than ever we should all know the basic principles surrounding investments in real estate. There are tried and proven methods that will safeguard investments no matter what the market. Whether you are an investor, assist investors or just deal in residential sales these are the principles which should be at your fingertips.


“Learning How to Use & Make Videos for the Internet”
(3 Hours Agency Law, 3 Hours Commissioners’ Standards)

Your colleagues are already doing it. They know how to make a video and send it to their client. They know how to put in music, pictures and narration. You don’t have to buy expensive software or equipment and you don’t need to be a computer geek. We make this easy. You will be amazed at what you can do to take your business to a whole new level.

Get LinkedinGet Linkedin

“The Greatest Sphere of Influence Building Tool on the Internet Today”
(3 Hours General)

In today’s real estate world social media has become King. You need to be where your clients are and that is interacting in the world of social media. Linkedin is the ultimate professional networking site. Create a powerful presence in Linkedin, build your online resume and take deliberate action using Linkedin’s search mechanisms. Don’t get left behind. Start NOW!

Catch The WaveCatch The Social Wave

“Action Steps You Need to Do To Get to Where Your Clients Went”
(3 Hours Agency)

In today’s real estate world social media has become King. You need to be where your clients are and that is interacting in the world of social media. This course will help you understand how much social media can advance your real estate business. Learn what other top producing real estate professionals already know. Your future is directly tied to your understanding of what social media is, how it works and how you can use it. Don’t get left behind. The time is NOW!

Educating the Seller

“Your Success Depends On How Well You Educate Your Client”
(3 Hours Agency)

In our real estate relationships everything depends on the expectations you set and how well you have prepared and educated your client. You should know how to effectively and efficiently explain to clients the various aspects of the real estate transaction. This class will have you improving your listing presentation and client dialogue based on the things you learn.

Slide1How To Build A Winning Team

“Understanding Why Your Success is Determined By Those Around You”
(3 Hours Commissioners’ Standards)

Finding the right people, identifying risks and benefits of building a team and knowing how to build teams properly under the Commissioners’ Rules are all key to your success. Whether you are a team leader, member, thinking about a team, an office manager or broker there is important information here for you. Find out what it takes and how to get there!

Show Me The Money

show me the money

“How To Get Your Clients Financed in Today’s Mortgage Market”
(3 Hours Contract Law)

When it comes to your client purchasing a new home, you want to be certain that a lender will show them the money that will facilitate that purchase!  Let’s go behind the scenes and get a better understanding of the lending industry as we may not know it in today’s market! You will learn tips that will help make the financing easier and more streamlined in your transactions.


How To Find FSBO’s & Capture Their Business


“What You Didn’t Know About Growing Your Business”
(3 Hours Agency)

We will show you easy new ways to find FSBO’s and give you the scripts that work to convert them into clients. It’s easier than you think. You need to know the right questions to ask and the right explanation to give. Give your business a boost by learning how to market and work this important sector of our business. Today’s market has created new opportunities for those who want to build their For Sale By Owner business.

Slide10Disclosure – Click Here Arizona

“All The Links and What To Do With Them”
(3 Hours Disclosure)

Stop reinventing the wheel. There is an abundance of disclosure information you can link to on the internet and endless possibilities in the ways you can be sharing and disseminating that information to your clients. Find out what the best links are, how to use them and you’ll save time, money and energy in making great looking disclosures to your clients.


“Create Your Own Internet Website/Blog in a Day”
(3 Hours Commissioners’ Rules, 3 Hours Disclosure)

You don’t need to be hiring a webmaster or be paying fees every month for site hosting and management. You can do this easily with the tools in this course and fees of zero. We’ll help you create your own site, teach you how to write posts and insert photos, videos and links. Take this course. Your business will have a whole new modern look today!

At the Closing TableAt the Closing Table

How To Prepare Your Clients for Closing Success”
(3 Hours Legal Issues)

Practical issues from the real world of real estate closings. Hear what escrow officers have to say about streamlining your transaction, removing roadblocks and dealing with the requirements page in the preliminary title report. Understand the changes surrounding the new HUD-1 Settlement Statement and avoid the most common issues that delay and frustrate the closing of a real estate transaction.

Slide3How To Increase Your Listing’s Exposure

“A Guide to Internet Listing Databases & Services”
(3 Hours Commissioners’ Standards”)

It used to be we just listed the home in MLS. Those days are gone. Today, there are countless new ways to ensure that your listing is exposed to as many potential buyers as possible!  And most of them are FREE! This class will show you how to post your listings  on Google Base, Craig’s List, Trulia, Zillow and  YouTube, just to name a few.  Can you imagine the added value that you bring to a seller with such marketing exposure!  And one more thing, if you aren’t marketing properties with these tools, then just know that the competition is.  Don’t get left behind!

Virtual CommissionerThe Virtual Commissioner

“How To Use the ADRE Website To Benefit You & Your Clients”
(3 Hours Commissioners’ Standards)

You will be amazed at what you are able to do through the ADRE website. You could be receiving automated updates from the Department, have your education posted to your registration card, renew on line at substantial savings and be on top of what is happening in your industry. This is a class full of information you will actually use to become more efficient and more knowledgeable. Find out how to take your practice to a whole new level.

Slide5How to Use Trulia & Zillow

“How to Better Meet Agency Obligations on the Internet”
(3 Hours Agency)

Do you know what your clients and customers know about neighborhoods and properties? Do you have listing profiles and your properties on Zillow and Trulia so clients can find you? Millions of them are there looking for you. Uncover great answers to the objection “Zillow said ‘My house is worth…” and know how to turn that comment into a raving fan of your expertise.

Solving Title IssuesSolving Title Issues

“The Best Real Estate Professionals Know How to Solve Problems”
(3 Hours Legal Issues)

Opening escrow takes a contract and a check. Closing escrow takes skill, knowledge and expertise. We make sorting through preliminary title requirements easy. Every real estate agent should know the reasons behind certain title requirements. Full of practical real world examples and tips from actual escrow officers and title professionals regarding the meeting of certain requirements to avoid costly delays and leave your client happy and satisfied.

Slide6Managing & Building Your Business

“Creating a Masterful Business Plan”
(3 Hours General)

Do you have a business plan that works? This class will give you one. Create your own future with a well designed plan and we’ll even share with you the tools you have been missing to manage your business in an efficient time saving fashion. You can’ build or grow it without a concrete plan in place. You never knew that working “On” your business could be this much fun and profitable.

Life of An EscrowLife Of An Escrow

“Know What Happens Behind the Scenes From Open to Close”
(3 Hours Legal Issues)

Your entire transaction spends its life in escrow. Now you get to go behind the scenes and discover what is really happening behind those closed doors. You will get it and come away with information that you can use and that will make you more successful because of it. Featuring exclusive Course Creators’ interviews with title and escrow professionals. You and your client should know what they know about your transaction.

Slide7Overcoming The Most Common Client Objections

“Learning the Easy Way to Turn “NO” into “Yes”
(3 Hours General)

Stop fearing client objections and start embracing them. Your only struggle has been the lack of information and scripts to deal with the most common client objections. We have them and we want to share them with you! These responses are tools you will use every day to increase your business, your bottom line and your client’s satisfaction.

Hot Contract Issues in Short Sales & REO PropertiesHot Contract Issues in Short Sales & REO’s

Know the Most Common Pitfalls in Today’s Real Estate Market”
(3 Hours Contract Law)

Know how to successfully handle the most challenging contractual issues that are encountered in short sale and REO transactions. We will be discussing and sharing specific addenda and contract language that will help you protect your clients and remove the doubt, fear and uncertainty that distressed sales create. Find out what the agents and brokers who have closed REO and short sale transactions had to learn the hard way.

Broker ManagementProtocol – Broker Policies & Procedures

Policies & Procedures for a Changing Real Estate World”
(3 Hours – Broker Management Clinic / Commissioner’s Rules)

The world of real estate has changed drastically. Spend your time in a Broker Management class with a focus on what gaps have been left in your policy and procedures manual that need updated. We’ll discuss the changes in our industry, what you need to do to address them and give you sample policy and procedure language that you can modify to fit your practice. Get up to date today!

Diversity In Your HoodDiversity in Your Hood

“Fair Housing Lessons That You Will Actually Use Everyday”
(3 Hours Fair Housing)

No theory. No preaching. No 1960’s Fair Housing discussions. This class is straight talk about what you need to know about diversity in your neighborhood in order to be successful. Since all real estate is local wouldn’t you really like to know what diversity means in your ‘hood and how it is affecting the day to day practice of your profession. This is the real world Fair Housing class you have been waiting for.

Truth In LendingTruth In Lending

“What Everyone Should Know”
(3 Hours Legal Issues)

There are several open cases of loan fraud pending in our jurisdiction. Do you have policies and procedures to keep you and your company from becoming a statistic?  Know what activities and actions are getting your colleagues in hot water and know what you can do to avoid it. This course will inform licensees of the legal issues surrounding RESPA compliance and the loan process so that they understand better how to promote and protect their clients’ interests.

Pending ADRE Education Approval

Successful Marketing Reports

“How To Use NAR Profiles of Home Buyers & Sellers To Increase Your Marketing Edge”
(3 Hours General)

Buyers and sellers tell us precisely what we need to do in order to get them to hire us and be satisfied customers. That information is in the NAR Profile of Homebuyers and sellers. Use the power of those statistics to increase your conversion ratio and serve your clients with ease and success.

HOT Legal Issues of 2010

Details of Risk Management That Affect Us All
(3 Hours of Legal Issues)

Be on top of the hottest legal issues in real estate. Does your company have a social media policy? Do you? If you want to avoid becoming a statistic then you should know the most common ADRE violations. We will tell you what to expect and we will help you Get & Use important risk management concepts that will help you avoid a roller coaster ride in your business. It’s not enough to make good money; you also have to know how to keep it.


The Contract – A Series of Non-Stop Negotiations

A New Way of Negotiating Using the Wave Theory
(3 Hours of Contract Law)

This course combines provisions of real estate contracts with negotiating. Uncover a whole new way of exploring negotiating in real estate transactions. In getting to win-win negotiations the student is taken through a series of case studies built around the most common negotiations. Learn more about negotiating commissions, repairs, price and cure notices. You will have a whole new command of the contract and negotiating techniques that you can use to help your clients.


RESPA Rountable

An Interactive Service Provider Workshop
(3 Hours of Legal Issues)

Don’t risk your reputation, your license or your freedom. Knowing the requirements of the Real Estate Settlement & Procedures Act is critical when building service provider relationships. This class involves settlement service providers in an interactive forum dealing with the questions that we all face everyday about RESPA compliance. Don’t practice like it’s the old west. We all need to understand more about how to deal with RESPA issues in our business.

Marketing in a Multi-Media World

The Effective Use of Blogging & Complying With Commissioners’ Rules
(3 Hours of Commissioners Standards)

The use of multi-media has exploded in the business of real estate. Agents are using facebook, blogs, videos and other tools to reach out to consumers. These forms of communication carry a lot of power and effectiveness when they are done correctly and in compliance with Commissioners’ Rules. If you are looking for a Commissioners’ Rules that applies to today, then this is the class. Come and make certain that your ads, social media and blogs are in compliance with Arizona law. If not, we’ll show you how to fix them.

Inspiring Client Action

Knowing How to Become the Inspirational Spark to Action
(3 Hours of Agency)

The top real estate producers don’t follow, they lead. They lead by inspiring their clients to action. Do you know how to fulfill your agency relationships by getting your sellers and buyers off the fence and moving in a direction that culminates in a closed transaction? We can show you the techniques and strategies that will lead your clients to want to do business with you, right here, right now, today.

Educating the Buyer – Buyer Agency Relationships

Getting Agency Relationships Right for Buyers
(3 Hours of Agency)

Do you want to know why people hire buyer representatives? Are you looking for a better way to explain to them the nature of agency relationships and why they should work exclusively for you? We will share with you step by step how to walk buyers through a real estate transaction in a methodical approach that will let you be the professional real estate agent that you desire. These are practical useful applications of agency principles you will use every day.

Commissioners’ Rules Applied to Ethical Practices Today

A Modern Practical Approach to Commissioners Rules
(3 Hours of Commissioners Standards)

The mandatory quadrennial Code of Ethics requirement is coming at the end of 2012. Why not spend your time in a Code of Ethics class that is approved for Commissioners’ Standards credit and also helps you deal with the real world issues that agents face today. We will share examples of ethical violations that are occurring on social media sites and the current vehicles of advertising that real estate agents actually are using. This course fulfills the REALTOR requirement for the Quadrennial Code of Ethics.

Client Communications – Follow Up for the WIN

Creating Client Communications That Meet or Exceed Commissioners Rule Requirements
(3 Hours of Commissioners Standards)

How does the use of psychographic client profiles fit with Arizona Commissioners’ Rules? We will show you what all that means. We will also share how you can use current technology and tools to communicate with your clients in ways never before possible and we will demonstrate how to do that within the areas of your expertise and in compliance with the requirements of ADRE. Come and explore new and exciting ways and tools.

Best Agent Practices – Being an Agent

Agency Insights For Today’s Consumer
(3 Hours of Agency)

What are the key characteristics of a top agent? How do they deal with agency issues? Come and get the agency explanations that work and know how to explain complex agency topics like dual agency to your clients in a way that they get it, can use it and you will become more successful because of it. You’ve never seen agency the way your clients do, but you will after this course. This course contains useful, practical applications of agency principles that you will use every day.

Innovative & Renovative Lending

How to Take Full Advantage of FHA in a Rehabilitative Market
(3 Hours of General)

In a distressed market, buyers are looking for ways to be able to make the repairs and rehabilitation on a property at the time of purchase. The FHA 203(K) program is gaining a lot of traction. FHA loans continue to lead the market. Do you know the current requirements for these products and how you can use them to help your clients and close more transactions in the months ahead? This is information you need in your arsenal.

Negotiating Short Sale Contracts

Know What to Say and How to Say It to Save the Transaction
(3 Hours of Contract Law)

We’ll combine negotiation strategy with the popular issue of short sales. Do you know the best strategies to use when working with a seller? Has the loss mitigation department tried to negotiate your commission? Do you know what to say in response? How should we be negotiating the short sale contracts and addenda? This class is full of practical and useful tips that you will put into practice today.

Disclosure in Short Sales & REO Transactions

Tools That Add to Your Success
(3 Hours of Disclosure)

Success in short sale and REO transactions depends on you effectively communicating and delivering to your clients the disclosures that they need. From checklists, to forms to the disclosure requirements of the Federal Trade Commission’s MARS rules, this is stuff you need to have to navigate the disclosure obligations in today’s complex distressed property transactions. Join us and find out what you really need to know.

Best Agent Practices – Being Professional

Professionalism and Ethics in Today’s World
(3 Hours of Commissioner Standards)

The NAR Code of Ethics and Arizona Commissioners Rules are much more than just a bunch of regulations to be followed. When used correctly they can elevate the professionalism of yourself in the eyes of consumers and your clients. This course was built to explore what it really means to be a professional and what all of us should be doing to heighten the consumer’s perceptions of what we do as real estate professionals. Experience just how you can use the Code of Ethics and Rules to increase your business and build relationships.

Managing the Contract in an Internet World

How To Use Tools You Didn’t Even Know You Had
(3 Hours of Contract Law)

This course will show you how to use some cutting tools that are on your computer for free like Google Docs, Google Calendar, text to voice mail and videos to create state of the art management of the Arizona Residential Purchase Contract. You will know how to deliver state of the art service to your clients and fulfill your obligations under Arizona Commissioners Rules with these fun and exciting tools.


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