Get On Board With Us3

Leaving“This train is boarding and it’s filling up. This plane is leaving and it goes non-stop. This ship is sailing out of the dock. Your alarm clock is ringing and it will not stop.”

Why don’t you get on board with US!

We believe that success is enjoyed the most when you can take others with you. So if like what you see about Course Creators then we should explore the possibilities of collaboration!

As A Student or Client

Computer TrainingWe have the most loyal students and course attendees in the world and we are ever grateful for their support. You can follow us on a regular basis by returning to the HOME PAGE or just clck on the “Follow Us/ Connect” links on the right for the social media or RSS feeds to our blog and calendar.

We regularly post up articles and information that you can use to become more successful. You will know what classes we are teaching where and you will get notice of the various Webinars that deliver practical information.

That way you will always be up to date with what we are doing and gain regular information and posts that help you Get IT! Use IT and become more sucessful because of IT!

As An Event Planner or Convention Chair


IMG_0254We know that as an event planner or convention chair you are a master juggler trying to succeed in a delicate balancing act between quality and budget. We often times layer our services to make your event dollar go further. We can help you with ways to make your event more profitable.

We also sometimes engage in revenue sharing with the people that hire us for specific classes and courses where the students are charged for their attendance.

Ask us how you turn our presentations and education into your profit!

As An Education Director or Company Owner

Envision IT, Build IT!One of the reasons we have been so successful is the custom nature of our programs and courses. If you have a training need, we can help you assess it, evaluate it and craft a plan to fill it. We write specific courses for specific companies and organizations. We can do it in a way that doesn’t break your budget. We can deliver it on line, via video cd’s or live.

Many of our clients work with us on a regular basis and receive discounts and benefits because they are offering multiple classes to their employees. There is a lot to be said for consistency in training and having custom tailored education that makes your job easier to grow your employees and your company. So talk to us about your specific needs and we’ll show you a solution that works.

As a Course Architect


We never stop looking for high caliber individuals with a passion for teaching and who share our philosophies and visions of education. If you are a creative person in any industry or profession who wants to share ideas and information we would love to talk to you. We work in collaboration with all of our course architects and we are honored to have the collaborators we do.

Together we all share in the experience of growing, learning from and teaching each other. If you like what you see about Course Creators then we invite you to talk with us about becoming part of our family of collaborators. If you want to know who are current collaborators are or talk with them feel free. You will find them all by clicking on the image to your right.

As a Product Collaborator

LeavingWe have perfected the creation of quality training products packaged in CD format to help people Get IT, Use IT and Become More Succesful Because of IT! If you have an idea for a training product we will consult with you for FREE, assess the idea and help you make your dream a reality. You will not incur expensive production costs, hourly rates and we don’t get hung up on minimum quantities. If  the idea makes sense we will work with you to produce the product.

We almost always set these up on a revenue sharing basis from the end sales so there are no huge up front costs to you. Ask us how your dreams can become a reality. You will be surprised at just how easy it is to work with the Course Creators team.

We operate with a strict open door policy for inquiries and answers. Please feel free to CONTACT US for more information.

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