Client Testimonials

What Are Clients & Students Are Saying

We could take a few moments here to tell you all about us and what we can do for you, your company, your organization or your business, however, to us the only opinions that really matter are those of the people whose lives we have committed to trying to improve.

So here are what our students and clients have to say about Course Creators:

Gale Johnson – “Awesome and powerful class.”

Cathy Sotherland – “This has been an incredible class. I feel empowered. Thank You!”

Eloy Maes – “I have not ever been so inspired to improve my presence as I have with this instructor. I would recommend and attend other training seminars with this instructor and Course Creators.”

Cathy Brickey – “One of the best caravan courses ever presented.”

Dave Olsen –  “The most outstanding, informative program ever offered at our Caravan series! You are truly a pioneer in innovation and inspiration. There are so many of my friends not in the real estate industry that would be “changed”, as I have been, if they only could witness your presentation.”

Amanda Throne – “I greatly appreciate the time taken to present this info. It has lit a fire in me to get going!”

Sylvia Conrad – “Energy, clarity and knowledge! The web is now at my fingertips! I got it! I will use it! Success is mine! Thank you.”

Renee King – “Finally! Relevant, pertinent info that I can apply practically to improve my business. Thank You!”

Nici Kuchenbecker – “You were great! You have me excited for my business and I thank you for taking the time to show us all these great tools. I would take this class again. I learned a ton!”

Janet Pisciotta – “This is the class I’ve been searching for! Updated information on how to use the lastest technology. Great speaker and well informed.”

Dee Stangarone – “This is exactly what we need to know to keep up with the radical changes in this field! A very worthwhile class. Useful information in a changing world presented in an entertaining manner!! Very inspirational!!”

Dalerie Riesland – “This is the best continuing education class I have taken.”

John Smally – “One of the best seminars I’ve attended in my 44 years of selling real estate. Very interesting, educational, valuable, practical, very beneficial and delivered in an energetic style.”

Calvin Baker – “Excellent and very informative presentation. I will most definitely recommend. Everyone can benefit from this for growing an up to date real estate business.”

Kathleen Caron – “This is by far the best class I have attended in the past 10 years!”

Judy Delu – “This is the best class I have ever taken and can use in real estate.”

Greg Klein – “This is the best course I have attended in the last 25 years…BRAVO!”

Greg Smeenk – “Six years in the business, this was far and away the best class I have ever been in! Highly recommended to everyone!”

Tyson Hewitt – “You broke down an intimidating topic and internet tools I thought were simply for entertainment and showed how to make it profitable.”

Daycia Cummings – “Course Creators offered me a vast amount of information that I would not have been able to get anywhere else. The tools discussed will assist me personally and professionally.”

Dennis Richardson – “I was pleasantly surprised with the course content. Best caravan I have ever attended. Catch the Social Media Wave is extremely enlightening and something I could do as a non-techie.”

Rick Furnish – “Awesome! Fresh, new and applicable.”

Sherrie Nutter – “The Social Media Wave was great training. It really opened my eyes on new tools for my business. Thank you!”

Kim Hamilton – “One of the most beneficial courses I’ve ever taken. Timely, relevant and useful information.”

Alan Crago – “This was an energetic, illuminating and enlightening presentation of material that is actually beneficial to our real estate endeavor. Thanks for coming and sharing it with us.”

Matt Klein – “Best educational course I’ve taken through the South Dakota Real Estate Commission.”

Wayne Lesmeister – “One of the most interesting courses I’ve attended in my 20 years of taking continuing education classes.”

Dave Fenske – “I am a seasoned citizen and now I am comfortable with what we need to do to grow this business. This is great information…”

Phil Lambert – “One of the best education classes that I have ever attended. Great class. Outstanding instructor.”

Bryant Teachhont – “Course relevant, easy to follow guidance to grow my market share.”

Sharon Scudder – “I attend numerous conferences a year and Len is one of the best communicators, he holds the audience.”

Lynette Batterman – “Entertaining and knowledgeable at the same time. Useful information that is timely!”

Mike Percevial – “Finally a course with information I can use!! Much needed information!! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Artie Gifford – “I did not realize the tools that are available for FREE!”

Sandy Spencer – “Probably one of the best caravans I have ever attended.”


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