Click By Bill Tancer

clickbilltancerBill Tancer’s Click is a welcome journey into cyberspace. Subtitled, “What Million of People Do Online and Why It Matters” will open your eyes to the world of the internet.

What’s most amazing about Click is the statistical validity that Tancer has included in the book. Remember the old process of counting how many hits your website or page gets as a measure of its effectiveness? Bill Tancer is not a “hit” analyzer he is a clickstream analyzer. Today’s technology allows people like Tancer to dig much deeper than page hits. He looks at the stream of clicks. In other words where were they before they clicked on your site and where did they go afterwards? Now that’s powerful marketing information. I sort of looked at this book as the insider’s expose of what is being tracked, why its being tracked and what is being done with information gained by our increased use of the internet. Bill is the inside man to tell the story. Once you have read this you will never look at your website or blog the same way.

Bill Tancer is the general manager of Global Research at the online competitive intelligence firm Hitwise, an Experian Company. He has access to extensive data regarding internet usage and the tools with which to properly analyze it.

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