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testimonialsEd Hawley says: “Course Creators have the best courses. They know how to keep you involved and present information in a usuable format that is easy to digest, but useful to remember.

Piccola Dowling says, “I’m getting so addicted to anything that Theresa and Len create in Course Creators. I dont’ want to miss anything you do. You two sure put your hearts into everything you do and bring a lot of passion to everything you do.”

Kelli Roth says, “This class was invaluable. Thank You! These instructors take the intimidation away from the unknown.”

Lynn Warren says, “Love. Love. Loved….the new Facebiz class. I feel really special that I got to take the flagship course. I learned so much my head is still spinning.”

D. Castaneda says, What a GREAT class Course Creators put on today! It’s a class that teaches you how to use Facebook for your business.

Tim Dugan says, “Facebiz will open many new doors!”

Rachel Bregante says, “This was one of the best classes I have ever attended, if not THE best. I’m excited to get started.”

Jennifer Moore says, “AWESOME! I have been dying to come and it exceeded my expectations. The implications for my real estate business, my side business and my husband’s business are mind boggling.”

Jan Wilson says, “Best new real estate class in decades. A must do for all REALTORS.”

Sally Marchalonis Perry says, “I’m still trying to absorb everything you talked about in the class on Monday. I found so much of it fascinating and having been telling people how amazed I am by all of the new technology. Thanks for all of the work you do on the courses; I have learned many things from you over the past few years!”


  • To say I was “techneophyte”, was an understatement! After taking your class, my head was whirling with what was available out there in cyberspace!!! But, armed with this new knowledge, my fear of the unknown disappated!!! Facebook was the first hurdle, and then the rest just came along quite easily!!! Who would have thought that I would be using the flip camera and making all sorts of videos for both my real estate business and fun!!! Thank you for unleashing the “ham-within”!!!!

    Comment | March 21, 2009
  • I probably could have figured out everything in the course by myself — but it would have taken me a year! what I loved was that the pace was EXACTLY tuned to my level of (semi-) expertise, and it just sped along without my ever feeling I was getting lost. I applied some of what I learned right away, and after 5 months in RE I’ve got 5 sales and 2 more in the pipeline. Thanks, Len.

    Comment | June 5, 2009

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