10 “How To’s” To Create Powerful Blog Posts

1. Use a Title That Attracts Attention and Creates Interest

People read posts based on their title and whether or not it means anything to them. We know that “How To” is the most common search that people make on the internet. he more interesting and helpful that your title appears to those who see it, the more readership that your blog is likely to receive.

2. Create Items of Value

Think about what the people you want to interact with really need. Your post should scream, “Hey, here’s some great stuff I thought of and I want to share it with you!” “Wait until you see this information I have found!” “I couldn’t wait to share this information, resource or idea with you.” So if you are sharing useful information, get that into the title.

3. Make Them Practical & Useful

Practicality and usefulness. If you create things that people can actually use then the power of your blog will increase exponentially. What is more important is that if the readers find it useful then you systematically increase the likelihood that they will pass the information along to others to whom it would be helpful. Getting the information viral is what takes blogs into the stratosphere.

4. Give Them Longevity

Ask yourself will I will be able to use this information again in the future. Anything that you do repetitively ought to be a possible concept or topic for a blog. It can preserve the continuity of what you say and pay back huge time efficiency if down the road when the topic comes up or you need to pass the information along you can simply send them or link them to your blog post on that topic. You will be amazed at how much more efficient blogs can make you with your time.

5. Link and Refer People to Them Often

You have to promote your blog. That is another reason why your posts should be helpful, useful information that you are proud to share. Provide people with the links to them at every opportunity. You can send the links to in emails, post them to twitter, facebook, linked in and your other social media sites.

6. Include  Links, Links and More Links

7. Get Consistent & Persistent About Key Words

Most blogging sites give you an opportunity to set key words for your blog posts. Use them. Keywords are your new marketing angels. Be consistent about certain words to create your image. Internet search engines pick up key words and they also pick up the accumulated use of key words with certain companies or people. The more you use the same key words over and over again the more  you or your company will become associated with those particular words or phrases.

8. Get It Simple. Write in Outlines.

People don’t generally read long text passages on the internet. They scan. Organize your blog into a few easy points. A numbered set of rules or tips. Use white space in between and use bullet points when you can. Write in short, simple sentences and paragraphs. The more you make the information easy to scan and digest the more well received your blog posts are likely to be.

9. Ask Questions / Create a Dialogue

We don’t know what it is about questions on the internet, but people feel compelled to answer them. So ask questions, pose inquiries. You can do it the title. You can do it in the post itself. It all acts to create the act of engagement which is the real beauty of blog posts anyhow. You know you are on the right track when you can get commentary going.

10. Invite Guests to Blog With You

Invite others to comment. Invite the experts and people you respect to guest author a blog for your site. Collaboration breeds interaction. So what is your favorite or best blog tip you would like to share? We will be using this post as a training tool. Would you please help us educate our students and clients by making a comment about the best blogging tip you know?

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