How to Find Out What Your Client Knows About Closing?

Do you ever wonder why your buyer client’s think they are going to get the keys at closing? Do client’s sometimes seem surprised that you are writing the contract rather than a lawyer? Is your seller upset because they will not be able to close using a power of attorney that they have used in many other situations?

Each of these problems stems from the fact escrow and title issues vry greatly from state to state. As real estate professionals we tend to forget that we live in a relocation area and that the closing and escrow process that they have been using in one geographic location is totally different from another. What if there was a way for you to find out exactly what process your client was previously familiar with so that you knew exactly what clarification and explanation you needed to give. Such an information does exist. It is located on a site called EscrowHelp.com and you should be using it to find out what escrow and closing processes were used in the state your client is coming from.

Just click on the Route 66 Icon to the right and the road will take you to an alphabetical listing of states. Look up  your client’s former state of residence and will know what process was used in that geographic location. Then in your client meetings you will exactly what education you need to provide without even having to answer the question. Your clients will be amazed that you know so much about their home state. Isn’t that what being a professional was suppose to be about anyway?

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