The Elisa Lamar Social Media Story

At a recent presentation of InstaTekkie, Course Creators two day social media certification course we taught for Beverly-Hanks agents in Asheville, North Carolina, we highlighted the online presence of Beverly-Hanks agent, Elisa Lamar.  We pointed to her as an example in class because she had a very prominent presence on social media sites such as Zillow and had over $4 million dollars of listings displayed on the site. Her properties came to the top of the list when we searched “homes for sale” in Asheville.  As a single agent she was controlling 40% of the first ten properties buyers found when they searched for homes in the Asheville area.

At Course Creators we often do this type of in depth research in markets where we teach this class so that we can help agents understand where they currently stand in social media in relationship to their peers and competition.  We applauded Elisa’s efforts.  Recognized the job she had done, even told her company’s owner that he should send her a note commending her efforts.  Elisa was not in our class.  Turns out she had a number of client appointments (Go figure!)

You can see the work Elisa has been doing and view her Zillow profile by clicking on her picture to the left!

Now for Rest of the Story

Elisa heard about our comments in class, and we had an opportunity to talk with her the next day. Here is a short transcript of our conversation:

Elisa “I’m sorry I could not be there, but I was busy working with clients.”

Course Creators “Well, you should know we were recognizing your efforts on sites such as Zillow and showing your fellow REALTORS® how they could get more business doing what you did!”

She proceeded to tell us that she attributed her presence and success with Zillow to our Social Media Keynote presentation that we did a few months before and to the training CD that we gave here for being a volunteer in our class!!

Elisa, our hat is off to you for being one of the students who Got IT! Used IT! and Became more successful because of IT! Thank you for verifying and validating all that we do and teach! We wish you continued success on your use of Zillow as you take your real estate business to the next level.

You can learn more about our video training CD’s by clicking on the Video Training CD to the right!

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