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Ovation – How to Present Like a Pro
The Reinvention of Adult Education

By Len Elder & Theresa Barnabei


A couple of decades ago, Donald Levi, DREI and REEA member authored the book “How to Teach Adults.” The book has been a staple for REEA members and the principles of GAPE and teaching strategies for quite some time. The book was last printed over 15 years ago.

For the past several months, a collaborative team has been working on the creation of a new book, Ovation – How to Present like a Pro. The book provides the insight and commentary of 24 leaders in the adult real estate education field. It is the ONLY BOOK that:

• Communicates the Art & Science of Presenting from Course Creation to Delivery to Testing
• Contains Practical Teaching Tips Based on Solid Educational Theory
• Collaborates the Viewpoints of National Speakers, Trainers, Presenters and Industry Leaders


Inside you can find out what:

• REEA Executive Director, Joe McClary, has to say to live instructors about competing with distance education;
• National Speaker, Doug Devitre, has to say about 27 ways to fill classroom seats at a REALTOR® event;
• National Author & Columnist, Julie Garton-Good, has to say about building a niche as a speaker and her system for identifying your best area of expertise;
• NCREEA President, Dana Rhodes, has to say about why he loves teaching pre-licensing
• DREI Management Committee Chair, George Bell, has to say about the importance of credentials in teaching;
• REEA President-Elect, Roseann Farrow, has to say about classroom preparation
• And many, many more

If you are wondering what else is in this book that would be helpful to you as an instructor, speaker, trainer or school owner here are some of the other topics covered in detail in this new and exciting addition to the profession of real estate education:
What’s In This Book for YOU?

• Clearly Explained and Applied Generally Accepted Principles of Education (GAPE)
• Opening Strategies You Can Use For Starting Any Presentation
• 10 Tips that will Immediately Improve Your Performance
• A Step by Step Guide to Presentation Development
• Do’s and Don’ts in the First Five Minutes
• How to Effectively Market & Promote Courses
• Pre-Class Tricks & Tools of the Trade
• Practical Ideas for Course Sponsors
• 10 Steps for Writing Effective Test & Quiz Questions
• Innovative Uses of Social Media and Technology in the Classroom
• Insights on Copyrights & Intellectual Property in Education
• Ideas on How to Create New Courses and Get More Business

A special thanks and a standing ovation to all of the following who contributed to this work and publication of the book. Most of these collaborating authors are members of REEA. All of the authors are outstanding at what they do:

Ryan Adair
Dan Adler
Tony Ray Baker
Mark Barker
Lucy Barraza
George Bell
Cindy Chandler
Amy Chorew
Doug Devitre
Roseann Farrow
Bill Gallagher
Julie Garton-Good
Rhonda Hamilton
Joe McClary
Beverly McCormick
Sharon Montague
Annalisa Moreno
Bruce Moyer
Karel Murray
Dana Rhodes
Marcie Roggow
Philip Schoewe
Sharleen Smith
Marie Spodek
Terry Wilson

The new book was unveiled at the North Carolina Real Estate Educators Association (NCREEA) Conference in Charlotte, North Carolina on September 22, 2011. You can find the book on Amazon.Com.


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Hot Contract Issues in Short Sales & REO Properties

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Hot Contract Issues In Short Sales and REO Transactions

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Great Questions to Ask Any Seller

Creating a relationship and trying to uncover the true motives, fears and goals of our clients depends on how good we are at digging deep. The less we talk and the more we listen the more we will learn about how to really serve their needs and exceed their expectations. From our experience and the input of dozens of agents these are all questions that will help you dig deep with your seller. Consider using some of these questions in your next listing presentation.

1. Tell me about your past experiences with real estate agents.

2. What did you like most about what your last agent did? What did you like the least?

3. What do you like most about your home? Why?

4. How will we know if we have priced your home correctly?

5. Do you have a proper network to sell the home yourself, such as an attorney, a home inspector, a termite inspector and an escrow officer?

6.. If you are considering selling your home yourself, have you considered security issues about people being in your home?

7. What’s important to you is important to me. Tell me what you want this transaction to look like?

8. Tell me about the reasons behind you deciding to sell?

9. How long have you been considering the sale of your home?

10. Tell me about the conversations you have had with each other or family members about selling your home?

11. Have you worked with a real estate agent before? Why aren’t you using them this time?

12. What one thing could I do today to make my representation of you perfect?

13. Have you interviewed other agents? Tell me about how you felt about them?

14. What do you think the biggest challenge will be in getting your home sold?

15. How long are you willing to wait to find the right buyer?

16. Are there other family members who will be helping or assisting you with the decisions that we have to make as we work together?

17. What types of marketing do you think would work best with your home? Why?

18. Have you searched the internet and looked for other homes for sale? Which sites did you visit?

19. If you could have this transaction and relationship be any way you wanted, what would you like?

20. Have you visited other homes for sale in your neighborhood? Tell me what you learned by doing that?

21. Do you have a sales price in mind for your home? What factors did you consider in arriving at that price?

22. What are you most afraid or apprehensive about regarding the sale of your home?

23. What one thing is most important to you in the sale of your home?

24. If you had the opportunity to tell a buyer just one thing about your home, what would that be?

25. How often would you like to receive communication and status reports from me? In what medium would you like to receive those?

26. When you contact me, what do you consider to be an acceptable response time?

27. How would you like to communicate?

28. Do you have an amount of money in mind that you would like to walk away from this transaction with? Why is that number important to you? What would you do with those funds?

29. If I can meet all of the objectives and goals you have are you willing to hire me tonight?

30. Do you know yet where you will be relocating to? Would you like some assistance in finding an individual there to help you?

31. Do you know that I also help my clients as buyers while we are in the process of selling their home?

32. At the end of this transaction what are you looking forward to the most after the sale of this home?

33. Have you ever tried to sell a home yourself? Tell me about that experience.

We want to help you be a collaborator. There is more power in all of us working together than there is any of us working separately. Would you please share with us one great question that you would ask any seller? You can add it as a comment to this post. We look forward to your contribution.


Course Creators Welcomes Dan Adler

Dan Adler, Associate Broker, ALHS, ABR, ASR

Dan Adler, Associate Broker, ALHS, ABR, ASR

Course Creators is pleased to announce that we have joined forces with Dan Adler. Dan will be working with us to present cutting edge courses for continuing education as well as sales, service and small business development.

Currently Dan is the Team Leader for The Dan Adler Team. He is one of Arizona’s top and most respected real estate brokers, working in Arizona’s largest brokerage firm, Realty Executives. Because Dan is a successful businessman as well as an educator, business coach and motivational speaker, Course Creators feels that he is the perfect fit for us as well as our clients.

You can send Dan a personal message of congratulations by leaving a message here.

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