YouTube Downloader Changes – FREE PROGRAM

youtube-downloaderThanks to those of you who have taken the VideoBiz course to learn how to create, edit and post videos to your website, blog and upload those to YouTube. We shared a tool with you in class called YouTube downloader. It is a great FREE software product.

The YouTube downloader software allows you with two simple clicks to download any YouTube video and convert it from a flash file into a windows media file that you can then import and edit in your FREE windows movie maker program. It allows you to insert clips, music and other portions of YouTube videos into the video you are making.

If you have been experiencing difficulty with your downloader program it is because YouTube changed some of their formatting on August 12th and it became incompatible with the software. You can fix that by going to the following site and downloading the updated version of downloader. Here is the link for the NEW FREE YouTube Downloader program. Let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Download Version 2.5 From:

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