Disclosure Compliance Made Easy With Videos – AZ CE Virtual Class – Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Real Estate 3 hrs Disclosure – Course Creators – 520-360-0280Required disclosure Information that must be disseminated to clients has been transformed by use of the internet. Learn how to fulfill disclosure obligations using video tools and have a blast creating them!

Disclosure Compliance Made Easy With Videos

(3 hours of Arizona CE: Disclosure)

Location: Virtual class via Zoom

1:00 PM to 4:00 PM – Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Please NOTE: Per ADRE, ‘no “only cell phone” attendance permitted.’  Be sure you are stationary in front of a computer.


Some Flip Advice

Flip CameraIn our social media and technology classes we often mention a product called “The Flip” Video camera. It is an amazing piece of technology which will help you take your practice to the next level by making the use of videos easy. It is a very simple and affordable video camera. If you can shoot and point you can use this. The videos are digital in nature, meaning there are no cartridges or film. The camera holds one hour of digital video and is entirely self-contained. No wires, no cords. It has a built in USB port to allow you to upload videos directly to your computer so that they can easily be posted on internet sites, your facebook account and even YouTube. The camera also has built in video management and editing software. Here is a collective response to many of the questions we have received.

1. You can learn more about The Flip by visiting their website.

2. There are different models. The Ultra was the original version it is a bit thicker, needs batteries to operate and has a toggle switch control on the back of the camera that controls functions.

3. The Mino is the version that Theresa and I use. It is thinner, charges when plugged into your computer (hence no batteries) and has push type button controls on the back which in our opinion make it easier to operate.

4. Theresa and I opted for cameras that hold 60 minutes of video. We do a lot of videoing. It is rare that we have any space issues, because when the camera is full of numerous little clips totaling 60 minutes it is easy to just download it to your computer and start clean. However, you can get models that hold 120 minutes if you desire. For most instances we think that is overkill.

5. There are now HD (High Definition Models). Ours is not. We have looked at the video quality differences between the regular model and high definition and believe that in most applications the difference is negligible. Also, you should understand that just because you shot the video on the camera in high definition, unless the site you are posting the video on has high definition capability, you will not get the improved benefit of high definition.

We couldn’t give a higher recommendation to any technology product. This belongs in your arsenal. Take your business to the next level.

We will even help you use it. We have created a 6 hour hands on workshop called VideoBiz where we teach students how to shoot, edit and post videos to the internet. There are two excellent ways for us to show you how to use the camera, edit the videos, post them on the internet and bring the power of video into your marketing arsenal.

1. Click here to visit the Course Creator Calendar and find out when the next opportunity is for us to fill your mind in VideoBiz. The video below will help you understand just what is possible:

2. If for some reason you cannot come to class, then you will benefit from the VideoBiz Video Training CD which will take you step by step through opening a YouTube account (For Free), editing the videos and posting them online.

If you have been using the Flip camera or videos in your business we would love to hear about your experiences. If you have any questions about the camera or the editing or posting of videos please ask, we are here to make certain that you Get It! Use It! And Become More Successful Because of It!


YouTube Downloader Changes – FREE PROGRAM

youtube-downloaderThanks to those of you who have taken the VideoBiz course to learn how to create, edit and post videos to your website, blog and upload those to YouTube. We shared a tool with you in class called YouTube downloader. It is a great FREE software product.

The YouTube downloader software allows you with two simple clicks to download any YouTube video and convert it from a flash file into a windows media file that you can then import and edit in your FREE windows movie maker program. It allows you to insert clips, music and other portions of YouTube videos into the video you are making.

If you have been experiencing difficulty with your downloader program it is because YouTube changed some of their formatting on August 12th and it became incompatible with the software. You can fix that by going to the following site and downloading the updated version of downloader. Here is the link for the NEW FREE YouTube Downloader program. Let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Download Version 2.5 From:

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