VideoBiz – Tucson, Arizona – Tuesday, April 17, 2012


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Video is the new power of the internet. VideoBiz will show you, hands on how to harness that power to get you more visibility, better represent your clients, market and showcase your offerings.  In one day you can learn to shoot, edit and post videos to the internet. No expensive software or equipment to buy. Create your own YouTube Channel and send your messages to the whole world or just your clients and potential customers. You won’t believe what you can do! Bring your laptop!!


Sponsored By: Stewart Title and Trust

Held At: 3939 E. Broadway, Tucson, Az

9:00 AM to 4:00 PM – Tuesday, April 17, 2012

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Do You Use PowerPoint ? Are You Trying to Spice It Up A Bit?

We use PowerPoint everyday. It is an amazing communications tool for creating visual presentations to educate not only students, but your customers, business associates, employees and clients. Those of you who have been in our classes know that we utilize videos a lot and have developed a number of creative ways to them in education.

Next week Theresa and Len are presenting at the national Real Estate Educators Association Conference and Convention in Las Vegas. We are presenting two sessions: one on Making Ideas Sticky and on on How to Use Videos in PowerPoint. We have hung instructional videos for how to technically do this on our YouTube channel. You can access those videos by clicking here if you need additional information.

Or you can simply get everything you need on one easy to use video training CD that walks you through it step by step.

We do everything we can to make Becoming More Successful easy for you!


Using The Course Creators StoryBoard

Welcome to the world of video making!!   You have this wonderful idea for a video!  And you just don’t know where to begin.  We know that feeling so let us help you.  As you visualize your finished product, think about what steps you can take one at a time to get you there!  Everything is made easier when the steps are clearly defined and laid out.  Then, of course, you would start with step one and then proceed with step two, step 3, etc..  Easier said than done, huh?  Here, we will make it easier for you.

Since we produce an extensive amount of training CD’s, we realized the need for a tool that would keep us on track during the creation process.  So we developed one, and we would like to share it with you.  It is the Course Creators Video Storyboard!

Here is an example of how we used it to produce our National Association of Realtors® promotional piece, where we set out to cover 6 specific points that we wanted to make in the video, and we determined how we would make those points through the use of  slides, photos and videos.  As a matter of fact, here is exactly what that looked like.If you want to see how this really works, here is a link to the finished video product.

Is there more to creating a video than just using the storyboard.  Sure.  But this tool, if used properly, will force you to clarify the production steps in your mind, then lay the flow out on paper.  Try it and see how it works for you.

For More Information And To Order, Click Here!

And if you want to know more on creating videos, we have produced a CD training video, VideoBiz, that walks you through, step by step, everything you need to know to shoot, edit, create and ultimately hang your video on You Tube!!  Have fun creating!!


YouTube Downloader Changes – FREE PROGRAM

youtube-downloaderThanks to those of you who have taken the VideoBiz course to learn how to create, edit and post videos to your website, blog and upload those to YouTube. We shared a tool with you in class called YouTube downloader. It is a great FREE software product.

The YouTube downloader software allows you with two simple clicks to download any YouTube video and convert it from a flash file into a windows media file that you can then import and edit in your FREE windows movie maker program. It allows you to insert clips, music and other portions of YouTube videos into the video you are making.

If you have been experiencing difficulty with your downloader program it is because YouTube changed some of their formatting on August 12th and it became incompatible with the software. You can fix that by going to the following site and downloading the updated version of downloader. Here is the link for the NEW FREE YouTube Downloader program. Let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Download Version 2.5 From: http://youtubedownload.altervista.org/

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